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February 2018

Turkey Bacon Lettuce Wrap

The turkey, bacon lettuce wrap is a staple for me, slathered with extra mayo, I love it! Super quick and easy! You can put whatever you want into a lettuce wrap, but here’s my favorite!  Print Yum Turkey Bacon Lettuce Wrap Prep Time: 5 minutesTotal Time: 5 minutes Serving Size: 1 Quick and easy low

What is Sole?

Sole, pronounced So-lay, is a super concentrated salt-based solution made with water and Himalayan Salt. You may be thinking, why the heck would I want to drink salt water!? Good question, let me give ya the scoop!   Sole is made with the not only beautiful but mineral-rich pink himalayan salt. It’s said to have at least 84 different

What is FatUp?

What is FatUp™? FatUp is the first lifestyle brand based on the foundation of the ketogenic diet and low carb, high-fat living. With a focus on food, wellness, lifestyle, products, stories, and style. I love nicknames, everyone close to me has a nickname. It was by accident that I started saying FatUp! FatUp turned into

Welcome to FatUp

Hey and welcome to FatUp™! My name is Bridgette! Believe it or not, the two iPhone images above show you the progress of my face alone after 3 months of walking only for exercise and eating healthy fat as 75% of my daily diet! I’m sure you can guess the bottom was before starting and