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June 2018

FatUp Feature: Sarah Jane

Keto Before After Photo

Introducing FatUp Features! A new series to highlight everyday individuals that choose to live the ketogenic lifestyle and showcase, how it’s impacting their lives!   Her name is Sarah-Jane. She’s a keto lifestyle blogger from Toronto and the very first in the FatUp Features Series! I absolutely love her genuine spirit and loved getting the

Just Breathe

Deep Breathing in Keto

Whether you are having problems sleeping or just dealing with everyday stress, I’ve found deep breathing to a be great stress release and a way to get me to sleep fast! Stress activates the part of the nervous system known as the sympathetic nervous system commonly referred to as the “Fight or Flight” response and stress

My Journey: 2 Years of Keto

Women Keto Before and After

CRAZY! Today marks 2 years since I officially started my keto journey! It was June 13, 2016 that I begin. It all started with finding Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube in May 2016 and deciding I would learn as much as I could in 2 weeks and just do it! I was like this guy

FatUp Cupcake

The best keto cupcapke recipe! Low carb and sugar free!

In celebrations of launch week, a keto friendly cupcake was in order!I now no longer go to cupcake shops because I don’t know of one in my hood that sells keto friendly cupcakes! I’m my head I’m like… Dear Cupcake Shops, Please sell keto cupcakes so I can feel buy one, I would really appreciate

Introducing The INKE Collection

INKE is the official exclusively branded clothing and merchandise line by FatUp for individuals living a low carb keto based lifestyle! Rep your keto love by rocking your favorite design! Hey, you might spark some conversation! Check out the SHOP NOW!