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Low Carb Turkey Bacon Lettuce Wrap

Figuring out what to eat in keto can be hard, especially on those days when you really don’t plan! Some weeks I meal plan everything out perfectly but many times I don’t! Regardless, I wanted to share some of what I eat with you. It started a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram and now officially on FatUp. Here’s a new series, called “A Day INKE”. If you stick around long enough, you’ll learn I love naming things! INKE is my shortened way of saying “in keto”. With this series, I want to show simple meals that I incorporate into my keto lifestyle. Most photos will be from my iPhone that I snap before, during, or while eating because it’s always with me. A girls gotta snap when she can, especially if she’s hungry. I have a gbtsD (girl bout to snap degree) in “hangry” so, thank God keto kills hangry! And luckily for myself and everybody else, with keto, I no longer practice using my gbtsD.


keto kills hangry


Now on to the food! This first look is an example of intermittent fasting (IF) for 18 hours and having 2 meals (eating within a 6-hour timeframe). I do not track macros the majority of the time, so macros are not included and my IF schedule varies according to if I’m hungry or not. Some days it’s longer, some days it’s shorter.  As the series goes on if there is a recipe used I’ll link it, otherwise I’ll note there is no recipe.

M1: Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce Wrap

There is no recipe for this, just put some ingredients together in a lettuce wrap, wrapped in parchment to catch the drips from the oil and vinegar.

Ingredients Used:

M2: Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Bake

I didn’t have a recipe for this, just put some of my favorites in a baking dish and turned the oven on 375 degrees, but here’s a keto friendly recipe I found on Pinterest that looks pretty close to perfect, although different from mine, that cream cheese sounds delish! I’m typically on team chicken thighs all day because they naturally have more fat, BUT with all the fat from the ranch and cheese, the last thing you have to worry about is getting enough fat here!

Ingredients Used:

Now that you’ve seen some of what I eat in a day! What does you Day INKE look like? Use #dayINKE on Instagram or comment below to share!

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