How Do I Know I’m In Keto?

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How do I know if I’m in keto?



Let’s look at a few at home keto test options to help clarity if in ketosis or not.

Keto Urine Strips | Wanting a tool to measure? The first and most inexpensive option are keto urine strips. They can be found fairly easily these days and are usually less than $10. However, there is a down side. Beyond the keto-adaptation phase once your body actually starts to use ketones for fuel they can become less accurate.

Blood Ketone Test | Compared to urine strips, this is a more accurate way to test. However, you must be okay with the finger prick. The test strips are quite a bit more pricey than urine strips as well. Based on experience, the FatUp favorite is the Keto Mojo device as it is priced very reasonably and works well.

Breath Ketone Test | More of an upfront cost to this one but does not require test strips for repeated use. Although, not FatUp tested, a well-known device for it is called Ketonix. Learn more about Ketonix here.

Experience | After becoming a keto vet and living this lifestyle for a while, you will just know what keto feels like, no testing required.

Which Ketone Test Option Should I Use?

That is completely up to you. To be honest, the option could be to use none of them! There is absolutely no requirement that states that ketones must be tested. If following a well structured keto diet, you will begin to produce and burn ketones if you stick with it. However, the urine strips, blood ketone test, and breath ketone test are great options to give a baseline if interested.


Where to Buy Ketone Test Options

Urine Test Strips | I will suggest Amazon as it’s easy access for many, but they can be picked up from various big box stores as well as your local pharmacy.

Keto Mojo


Check out Keto Stripped, our no fluff keto beginners guide.

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