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Imperfect Body – Meet Simone | FatUp Girl | Women In Keto

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Do thick thighs, a little arm flab, belly hangage, stretch marks, and cellulite make you feel unpretty sometimes? I can raise my hand to this! But it doesn’t have too! It depends on how you look at it honestly, however, they can definitely make us feel that way. If you’re in a position where you’ve gained some weight over the years and feeling less confident, it’s all good girl, you are not alone! The fact that you are interested in ways to make a change is a great start! There is nothing wrong with having goals to get it right! Whatever right feels and looks like for you!

We (yes, we!) have “real bodies”! I hate saying real bodies as if any bodies are fake but the average women can feel “less than” or “imperfect” based on images that we see of celebrities, models, influencers, and heck maybe even that co-worker that seems like she can eat whatever and still have a perfect body. The thing we have to realize is no one is perfect! She may seem perfect but there’s probably something about each of us that we currently are or have been self-conscious about at some point in our lives. Remember, celebrities wear Spanx too boo!


“Remember, celebrities wear Spanx too boo!”

Apart of the FatUp Beliefs which are the apart of the core of the FatUp brand is “skinny doesn’t equal healthy”. It’s easy to think that though. Your body type may simply be curvy and you carry a bit more belly fat, but what happens if you simply lose some belly fat? Ain’t nothing wrong with a little slim thick action! M’Kay! Of course, lessening visceral fat is never a bad thing but don’t just try to get skinny to match “her” level of perfection. Strive to reach the best version of your body possible, that’s enough!



“Strive to reach the best version of your body possible, that’s enough!”

MEET SIMONE | Keto For Women

Today, I want to introduce you to Simone! She’s the official FatUp Girl in all of her glorious thickness! She wanted to maintain her curves while reducing belly fat, and keto is a great tool for just that! She simply stuck to healthy keto principles and walked a few times per week to reach her goal. See her 9-month before and after keto transformation using the principles outlined in the Keto Kills Hangry Guide. If you’re curious about keto in general, check out Keto Stripped: Beginners Guide To Keto. Keto does not have to be hard! You can use it as a tool just like Simone to reach your healthy weight. Of course, not a requirement to get results in keto but a little exercise doesn’t hurt. Walking or especially if you want to tone up certain areas a little strength training is good. Every women’s body is different that’s what makes us all beautiful and unique! Depending on your personal height, weight, body type, “healthy” may mean something completely different for each of us! So embrace what you have, and just start to work and make adjustments to your lifestyle to get healthy.


We’d love to get to know you! Comment below and share one of your body insecurities. We’re here to encourage and support you because keto is sometimes more than just a physical transformation!  I’d also love to connect with you on Simone’s IG transformation post, so say hi! You got this girl!








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