Kickin’ It Smoky Keto Seasoning


Happy Fourth of July!

There’s something about the summer months, the heat that hits you as soon as you step outside, outdoor events, get-togethers, and most importantly the smell of meats sizzling on the grill! Even if you can’t get to the grill, with our new Kickin’ It Smoky Keto Seasoning, you can get that smoky taste whether indoors or out. Perfect for chicken thighs, rib, bone-in pork chops, or steak, you simply can’t go wrong if you want that smoky taste with a little kick! Keeping it simple in your keto kitchen can also be the difference between staying on track and not. Adding different flavor combinations to your food is an easy way to mix things up and add the sometimes much-needed variety.



This seasoning blend is so simple, and now a staple in the pantry. All you have to do is combine the 4 ingredients in an airtight container of your choice and you are all set! The base of this is the smoked paprika, and unfortunately no, regular paprika won’t do because you will miss out on that distinct flavor. The kick comes from that chipotle. Then we finish it off with some sea salt and a little sweet to balance it all out. I prefer Swerve Confectioners because it’s my favorite, although you can use whatever powdered sweetener you prefer. NOTE: When using alternate sweeteners you may have to adjust the amount used to get the same flavor.


You can absolutely use this seasoning for indoor cooking right in a skillet, but I prefer a grill pan that is heated just until you see a slight bit of smoke coming from the pan and then throw in your favorite cut of meat. When cooking in a pan it’s a great idea to use the seasoning more as a rub with oil. Consider sprinkling the seasoning onto both sides of the meat and then adding a teaspoon or so per side of avocado oil, olive oil, or any of your favorite oils and then rub it all in. Now cook it up and enjoy that flavor!


Of course, there’s nothing like outdoor grilling with charcoal or wood to add another dimension of flavor to your food. This seasoning works really well as a rub, so don’t be afraid to slather a rack of ribs down in preparation to throw on the grill! When planning to grill you can also decide to season right before you start, but it’s preferred to do it ahead and allow your meat to marinate for a few hours up to overnight. I mean really who doesn’t love grilled food!?

Now let’s hop right into the recipe!


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Kickin’ It Smoky Keto Seasoning

  • Total Time: 5 minutes




  1. Add all ingredients to a small bowl and mix.
  2. Store in airtight container.


There no anti-caking agents added so clumping may occur.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes

Comment below with how you plan to use this seasoning/rub in your kitchen!


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