Preparing For Christmas In Keto

Assuming you are currently in keto, let’s talk about some Christmas prep. Will this year be a keto Christmas? When any holiday comes around, no matter what one may say, focus on the family or focus on the tradition. Yes, those are of high value, but if we are honest with ourselves, most holiday gatherings revolve around the food! I know Christmas morning starts with presents for many, but after that, it’s “What we eatin’?” So today I want to talk about how to prepare for Christmas and really any other holiday when living a ketogenic lifestyle.

First, you’re going to have to make some decisions about how you’d like to experience it. I addressed some things in the Surviving Thanksgiving On Keto post, so you can check that out as well. Everything I discussed there applies if you are considering what to do. For now, I’ll address 2 things to consider for Christmas.

Stay the Course

If you are on a roll and don’t want to derail your progress, I applaud you! FA REAL! It can be extremely hard to keep it keto, especially around the holidays. For you to keep doing what you’re doing regardless of the temptations, is amazing. 

Reasons may vary from I don’t care about the food to my goals are more important than that meal. Whatever it is keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy your fabulous keto Christmas!

Carb Up Is Optional

Yup! I said it! You can decide if that day is the day. For instance, if you want to enjoy the traditional family breakfast with your family, that choice is yours. The one thing I’ve learned with keto is perfection is not required. Of course, when fat-adapted, low carbs are the key to success, but don’t beat yourself up for the occasional carb up. Especially when planned out and thought through.

There are lots of ways to do this. From a full meal or just having that one thing that only happens once per year like mom’s famous cinnamon rolls. Sure, you can make keto cinnamon rolls as a replacement, but they ain’t your mama only on Christmas day cinnamon rolls! Should you feel guilty about wanting one? Nope, not if you decide that is what you’d like to do, it won’t send you spiraling out of control eating bad for weeks, and you have a recovery plan. With that you can confidently say “I am going to enjoy my non-keto Christmas [insert your decision].” and be completely ok with that statement.

What Is My Limit (Recovery Plan)

If you choose to indulge, plan that out ahead of time. Plan if this is going to be a one-day, one-meal, or multiple-day thing. Don’t wing it! We’ve all heard it, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I’m saying this because I’ve had moments when I’m like oh, I’m gonna eat “x” for the day and a few days later, I’m still on a carb up. Why? Because I impulsively decided to eat things that were not keto-friendly and decided while I was already out, I might as well have a few other things.

Learn from my many mistakes, plan ahead so you know your target because you even start!

Is it ok to Carb Up?

Yes. It all depends on your specific journey. Inevitably, some will say, “Why would you come out of keto?” “Why would you encourage people to come out of keto and eat those dang carbs?” Don’t worry about what others have to say about YOUR journey. So what if it takes you a couple of months longer than homegirl on IG, let her do her thang and you do yours!

Number one, “Your health, is your health.” In case you are not familiar, here are the FatUp Beliefs. The foundations of the FatUp brand.

FatUp Handrawn Branded Beliefs

We have the right to choose how, what, and when we eat. You can dislike the options, but before you get to thinking your way is best for everyone else, please keep it to yourself. Do whatever feels right for you.

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December 29, 2021

Bridgette Williams

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