Keto Kills Hangry™ Guide


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Keto Kills Hangry

Learn how to do keto, the easy way!

The Official Keto Kills Hangry Guide was created by Bridgette Williams to help other women reach their weight loss goals!  At just over 100 pages this guide is chock-full of info, in an easy to read magazine style layout giving you all of the details necessary to begin your keto diet weight loss journey! This expandable 60-day program is written in such a way that practically anyone can understand and implement it. If you want to lose belly fat and get healthy on a low carb, high fat ketogenic diet and turn your body into a fat burner, this is just the guide for you!


What’s Included:

Keto Kills Hangry Guide | Over 100 pages broken down into 8 sections to make it easy to follow.

  • Foundations | Making sure we’re on the same page giving you all of the keto basics!
  • Carbs, Oh Carbs! | Here we have to “JUST SAY NO FOR BELLY SAKE™” to some but not all carbs.
  • Macros | What the heck are they, how to read labels for them, and how they work for you!
  • Progress | Learn how to keep track of your progress, you can learn when adjustments are necessary.
  • Preparation | Determine what keto journey works best for you and how to plan to stay on top of things!
  • Meal Planning | Get Bridgette’s custom meal and salad builder so you never run out of custom meals!
  • Start | Walking you step by step to building a custom keto action plan to achieve your weight loss goals!
  • Fix It Keto | Troubleshoot some of the most common keto issues so you know what to do if you encounter them.

FatUp Weekly Meal Planner | Get a printable meal planner to make sure you stay on track!

FatUp Grocery List Planner | After the weekly meal plan use this to create your grocery list!

Action Plan Review | Take everything we learn from the KKH guide using this worksheet to build the perfect customized action plan just for you.

Private Online Group | Connect with Bridgette and other KKH Fam for support and encouragement!



Social Announcement | Show your commitment to change your health by sharing with your family and friends your customized announcement to change your health with keto! We always so better when people are watching!

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