The Keto DayBook™ | Keto Journal and Vision Book 2020 Full Year Edition a FatUp® Product




The Keto DayBook 2020 | Digital Keto Journal + Vision Book

Everyone can do keto, and these days many people are! That’s with good reason because many people have found weight loss success with it. However, from starting my keto journey back in 2016 I wish I had documented so much more and looked at keto as a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet to lose weight. That is why I created this keto journal and vision book to help other women that want to a live ketogenic lifestyle with intention be able to have an organized structure starting with your vision. Yes, you can dream a little, and document as you go. Then, what to track, what to look for to pinpoint what may be slowing your progress, monthly assessments, self-care focus, and much more! You can even use your iPad* and Apple Pencil to log everything if you choose! All while walking you step by step through the process!

Nonetheless, keto can be hard, and it’s easy to forget what happens from month to month, heck even sometimes day to day! The Keto DayBook™ is the first of its kind being an all in one journal, vision, planner, and tracker created by Bridgette Williams for the ketogenic diet.

What happens when you get off track, how much weight did you really lose or gain? How has my progress slowed? Now you can track this and try to identify patterns so that you can do all of the right things to get your body where you want it to be!



Full Year Edition | January-December 2020

Page Dimensions:  8.5″ wide x 11″ tall

Over 100 pages

Dated Monthly Calendars

Document Milestones

Self Care + Routine Builder

Digital* or Printable

Modern Linen Digital Covers w/ Foil Lettering

And Much Much More!




This is where we dig to ultimately identify the why! Vision for Weight Loss, Dream A Little, Motive + Commit will help you get there!


From gains to losses, wins to failures, we keep track and assess the specifics monthly so that you can start to identify your patterns and then fix them! Yup! Goals, Wins, Failures, Tracking Calendar, I Am Grateful For, Use the INKE 8™ system to Assess your progress monthly, keto is more than just a diet!


Monthly Measurement Chart is broken down into quarters for easy comparison, Before + After to post your 4 recommended photos, Cheat Triggers, The Snapback and more!



Includes digital linen foil covers of gold, rose gold, copper, and silver for use with iPad*. NOTE: Standard black is also included for easy printing.

Includes INKE Travel Planner and The Holiday Action Plan with worksheets to create your own custom plan! There’s nothing worse than travel plans or holiday potlucks to derail progress, so there’s a system for that too! Using The Keto DayBook™ you will be prepared for whatever comes your way!



The Keto DayBook™ pairs really well with The FatUp Approach™ Meal Planner (sold separately). You can plan and document your journey while at the same time having a solid meal plan that you customize to ensure you plan to eat only the things you love! When done correctly this duo will take your keto game to the next level!

*Can be printed in 8.5 x 11 and added to your favorite binder or used on iPad with Apple Pencil with a notetaking app like GoodNotes or Notability (each sold separately in the App Store). Bonus digital covers are exclusive to iPad. Digital download only, no physical product will be shipped. Due to the nature of the product, no refunds.


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