Surviving Thanksgiving On Keto

To keto or not to keto, that’s the question!? Surviving thanksgiving on keto if we are being honest may be a challenge, but with a little prep, we can make it happen.

When talking about keto thanksgiving dinner, what comes to mind? For me, THE TURKEY! And thankfully, “Sista Gobble” is all keto! 

First, you have to ask yourself “Am I going to continue on with keto or enjoy the day and hop back into it the day after?” Some may say, “Why cheat?” and for those people, the answer would be, you just continue with keto as normal, but others may have a different opinion and that’s ok. I don’t want to say cheat because if you make the conscious decision to enjoy Thanksgiving as is, intending to continue, that’s not cheating in my opinion! You don’t have to agree, because everything ain’t for everybody!

However, if doing so will likely derail you all together and make you turn back to old habits for days or weeks on end it’s probably best to not do it. If not, it may be ok for you to enjoy the meal with your family and/or friends. However, for today’s post, we are going to discuss how surviving Thanksgiving on keto works, so let’s get into it!

keto thanksgiving turkey


If you are going to participate with others and go to a Thanksgiving dinner with the intention of staying keto, you have to have a plan! So here are some ideas and tips to help you stay on track.

Intermittent Fasting

Save most of your macros for dinner! Some people eat early and some people don’t know if the food is ever gone be ready, so gauge this based on your family’s usual schedule. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate intermittent fasting to keep the eating down to a certain window of time.

What To Eat

We have already shared the keto mac and cheese replacement option as well as keto green beans so check those out. Interested in a quick keto Thanksgiving dessert? Check out the Pumpkin Fluff recipe as it’s simple and delicious. Beyond that, there are many amazing keto side dishes for Thanksgiving. Check out Pinterest or simply Google some options.

What to Drink

Water is always a safe bet, but you can also pack things like water enhancers, or try our latest Cranberry Raspberry Limeade with a little prep.

drawing of butter with knife

Don’t Neglect The Fat

Even if you choose not to come packing a cooler of keto-friendly dishes, you can easily bring fat bombs or even eat them just before coming. Alternatively, melt a little butter and drizzle on top of everything to get ya FatUp on that plate! Another option, eat some dark meat from turkey instead of just the lean breast. There are various ways to do so and these are just a few, but think about that in advance. 

Simple Sample Keto Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

This is a super simple plate, but if you are on a keto roll, it will keep you on track!

  • Turkey
  • Caulimash
  • Green Beans
  • Cauli ‘n’ Cheese


Do I want to bring my own keto-friendly dishes? When eating with others, are you going to be that one walking in with to-go containers for all of your keto sides? Maybe, maybe not. That depends on how committed you are here. You know aunt Jackie might be like “What is all this!?” ESPECIALLY if you ain’t never the one helping in the kitchen! So, be realistic!

Am going to be on the light plate committee? Yes, grandma loves, you but if you put a couple of slices of turkey, and piece of ham, and some plain green beans on that plate, somebody will likely be asking “Baby are you alright!” I mean you can’t be sitting next to Uncle Johnnie with his plate stacked to the ceiling and you got a kids plate! On Thanksgiving, even their plates got more than that! 

Is it worth being bothered? Wellllll that’s up for debate, but if you know your patience ain’t here for all the questions and hassling you about what you are and are not eating, stay at home or plan your very own keto-friendly Thanksgiving and invite some friends!

Of course, this depends on your family, but somebody knows what I mean, right!? I’m not saying you have to give in to the pressure, but you have to decide am I’m gonna go ahead and say, I’m not that hungry (they gone be wondering why you came), I’m on a diet (let ‘hem talk), I just don’t care, I eat what I want, stay at home, or plan your own keto Thanksgiving! Choices, choices!

drawing of ham with 3 slices


So I Indulged…Ok, well since it’s Thanksgiving, give thanks and get back on track tomorrow! Life is too short to dwell on things that can’t be undone. It’s alright! The most important thing is if this is what’s helping you reach your goals, recommit and keep moving forward! 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Pray y’all have a great one and enjoy yourself! I’m grateful for many things with one of them being you, here checking out GYF content! What are you grateful for?

Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

Cauli ‘n’ Cheese

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