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Hey and welcome to FatUp™! My name is Bridgette! Believe it or not, the two iPhone images above show you the progress of my face alone after 3 months of walking only for exercise and eating healthy fat as 75% of my daily diet! I’m sure you can guess the bottom was before starting and the top is 3 months after. I came home one morning from a walk and decided to snap a photo and couldn’t believe it! I was shocked! The power of healthy fats!

I created FatUp as a way to share what became a passion of mine! This journey began when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. There are many names for this, Keto, Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF), Banting, whatever you call it doesn’t matter as much as the results one can achieve by adopting this lifestyle! I realize keto is not for everyone, but for the ones that is for, welcome! For fat haters, I kindly ask that you find the exit! This just ain’t for you! You will hate it around here!


I hope you will stick around and come back as I start this new journey of blogging. Less than two years ago I would be looking at you with the side eye if you told me I’d be writing online sharing with others anything about health!? I’d definitely ask if you had a conversation with God and if so why you didn’t conference me in, “cuz he ain’t told me nothing bout this”! However, I’m grateful to be here and share the health gaining benefits of this lifestyle.


FatUp™ | Get Ya FatUp!

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February 14, 2018

Bridgette Williams

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hello there,

I’m Bridgette, the creator of FatUp. Keto has been a friend of mine since 2016, helping me to lose over 50 pounds (30 in the first 3 months)! I’m a 30 something, new mom, wife that loves photographing food and creating recipes here on getyafatup.com. My goal is to make keto easy an approachable for women everywhere.