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INKE 5: Top Five Things To Know When Starting Keto

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Hi! I'm Bridgette!

Women Keto Before and After

I was the chick that tried "everything" and never got results, until keto that is! I lost 50 pounds, (30 in the first 3 months) and learned a lot along the way. From what worked to work didn't, success and failure. Now I'm on a mission to share what I know with you and how keto changed my life along with recipes and lifestyle information so that you can do it too! 

Psssst...want an awesome keto dessert check out my Maple Bacon Rounds featuring my new KETO-ish bread technique. Yup it might fool ya into thinking it's a high carb, sugar laden treat, but it's not, and has a great texture!

The cool thing is you don't have to
 spend hours in the gym
to make it happen!

because keto is a 

L I F E S T Y L E!

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BEING INKE (in keto) is a choice, but it could end up being one the best choices you ever make for your health! Eat real food, eat real fat, and get real healthy while doing it! FatUp is a new keto lifestyle brand created to provide you with options! If you're interested in keto, love keto already, want to be connected to keto community on your journey, and get awesome new recipes, we're here for that!

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What is Keto?

Keto isn't super complicated. Learn the basics in a quick to read easy format.

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We believe everyone deserves to lose weight and get healthy if they choose and commit to the process.

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Confused about macros? Use the FatUp keto calculator to give you an easy starting point.


Weight loss isn't about skinny, it's about being healthy and happy with YOURSELF! 
-Bridgette Williams