What is FatUp?

What is FatUp™? FatUp is the first lifestyle brand based on the foundation of the ketogenic diet and low carb, high-fat living. With a focus on food, wellness, lifestyle, products, stories, and style.

I love nicknames, everyone close to me has a nickname. It was by accident that I started saying FatUp! FatUp turned into the phrase “Get Ya FatUp”!  I developed a drink to help me get my greens in more easily on a daily basis that I called the FatUp Skinny because I was increasing dietary fat and decreasing my waistline, thus the name, and FatUp just stuck! I will share that recipe in an upcoming post!

Keto is new to most people I’ve come across. When I say keto, most often people are like huhn? What’s that? I mean I had certainly never heard of it! As for weight loss, it didn’t make any sense based on the advice I had heard my whole life about cutting down on the fat, eat fruit and vegetables, healthy grains, exercise and you should lose weight. Well, that didn’t work for me and seemly many other people either. I thought it was all on me not being strong enough, although I tried those things unsuccessfully seeing little scale movement, little to no change in cloth size, and my was belly was looking back at me on a daily unchanged! The little weight I was losing was water weight apparently and the worse part is low-fat food sucks! Who wants to go from fast food to celery with peanut butter? I’ll answer that! Nobody that loves to eat! It wasn’t until I learned about my hormones and glands, that things started to make sense (thanks Dr. Berg)! For me it wasn’t just about add this, subtract that, sweat more, and the weight came flowing off! Never had I heard that hormones had anything to do with it! That little piece of HUGE information changed everything!


Who wants to go from fast food to celery with peanut butter? I’ll answer that! Nobody that loves to eat!


Am I perfect, no, but I love this way of living! It’s a lifestyle! As people around me started to inquire about what I was doing, confused and all because the idea of eating fat makes people look, and sometimes get to talking crazy! When you say “Yeah I eat PORK bacon and WHOLE eggs (no egg whites, here, real organic pasture raised eggs) with extra butter, maybe even a dollop of sour cream, losing weight and getting healthy.” Folk be like “WHAAAAA?…I mean I see you look amazing, but…”. People can’t wrap their brains around it! It makes no sense when we are told to lower fat intake, eat fruits and veggies, “healthy carbs”, and exercise and that’s suppose to lead to weight loss and singing “It Is Well With My Soul | Remix”. Well, it wasn’t well for me until I learned I needed to be eating healthy fat, cutting the carbs, and sugar! Not to mention the stuff that turns into sugar once consumed!

Switching the body from sugar burning to fat burning can produce crazy amazing results! For years I equated health to weight loss alone but health is a whole body situation. I had to get my mind right, my stress levels in check, enough sleep, proper minerals and nutrients, AND then what I put onto my plate and into my body would get me the results I was looking for!


It was even crazier to recognize that I equated health to weight loss alone but health is a whole body situation.


If you connect with what FatUp™ stands for, be apart of the movement to share how awesome this lifestyle is! Use #WhyImINKE on Instagram and Facebook to share your personal story of how you found keto and how gettin’ your FatUp has been impactful in your life! I would love to hear your story! If you are curious about what to expect going forward, I will be posting lots of content, from tips, recipes, reviews, style, stories, and much more. This is more than a what you should eat in keto but a lifestyle blog with the foundation being keto.

There are 7 core things that are totally embraced by the FatUp brand called The FatUp Beliefs! Learn more about them here.

Thanks for visiting! I hope the content on this platform adds value to your journey!



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February 14, 2018

Bridgette Williams

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